What are the best healthy teas

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest ones: instead of buying a fancy health drink with loads of ingredients you’ve never heard of, how about preparing some tea?

Tea’s benefits are understated far too often: aside from being a great cold remedy and having a nice taste to it, the right type of tea can also help improve your overall well-being and aid with recovery from various illnesses.

Here’s a rundown of some of the best healthy teas out there together with the benefits that they bring to the table.

Chamomile tea: Chamomile tea’s benefits are subtle yet no less powerful: this type of tea is renowned for its calming effect on the mind and body, making it the ideal drink in stressful situations or simply whenever you’re looking to kick back into a lower gear. In line with its anti-anxiety properties, chamomile also helps you sleep better and is said to improve digestion – it’s also a great beverage for when you have a cold or the flu.

Rooibos tea: A type of tea that’s remained relatively unknown in the West until recently, Rooibos is quickly becoming the favorite drink of many. This import from South Africa has numerous benefits, with many of them being apparent: it boosts your overall immune system and can help treat various dermatological issues, not to mention that its naturally-high concentration of vitamins and minerals makes it a great supplement for those whose diet isn’t so great.

Black tea: Some choose to avoid black tea due to its caffeine content – it’s definitely best consumed during the morning and mid-day as opposed to evenings. Still, if you can deal with a bit of a jolt, black tea promises to alleviate the negative effects of smoking or inhaling second-hand smoke as well as helping prevent some chronic and severe ailments.

Green tea: Perhaps the most beneficial tea on this list, the benefits of green tea are too numerous to list here and there’s probably a few of them that are still unknown. Green tea’s seeming ability to halt various forms of cancer is probably its most-known benefit, although something should also be said about the tea’s fat- and cholesterol-reducing properties – because of this, green tea forms the basis of many weight loss teas.

Ginger tea: A favorite of those experiencing digestive difficulties, ginger tea not only improves digestion but also helps with various forms of nausea. If you’ve had a bad meal that’s coming back to haunt you, reach for the ginger tea and the ill effects are sure to be less pronounced – keep a couple of bags handy every time you’re about to eat something odd-looking in order to avoid cramps and other types of discomfort in the stomach.

Rosehip tea: Rosehip doesn’t boast as many benefits as some other entries of the list, but its main perk is a major one: a high concentration of vitamin C. Since it’s one of the most important vitamins for the human body and can be consumed without limitations, feel free to drink loads of rosehip tea whenever you get sick or simply want additional protection against viruses that are looking to make you miserable.