How to enjoy tea while traveling

If there’s one thing to hold against tea, it’s that we can’t enjoy it wherever we go – preparing tea takes a bit of time and effort, not to mention that it’s best consumed hot which is a difficult prospect when on the road.

Depending on your method of travel and the resources available to you, here are some ways through which you can enjoy tea while traveling without halting your journey in any way. One of my dearest friends who often travels to San Antonio had some great recommendations…

Thermos bottles: Insulated containers are a great way to preserve a drink’s temperature regardless of outside conditions and even on longer distances. Getting yourself a Thermos container will let you pack a liter or two of your favorite tea and still have it warm after what could be hours of traveling. A big perk of using Thermos bottles is that they won’t make you compromise on the tea’s taste: prepare it however you like, pour it into the bottle and it will still taste as good at any point of your travel. The ease of access is another benefit: as opposed to preparing something on the go, simply take the bottle out and chug away. While it won’t be as hot as it was off the fire after spending a couple of hours in the bottle, Thermos containers are still hard to match in terms of their ability to preserve a hot drink’s temperature.

Tea set with immersion boiler: If you’re really looking to have your tea on the road without making compromises, consider getting a portable tea set accompanied by an immersion boiler. With it, you can pour the water into the container, submerge the boiler and have enough hot water for a proper tea break. Of course, there are some downsides to this method: you’ll need a power outlet in your close vicinity in order to make the immersion boiler work and you’ll also have to deal with the added risk of boiling water on a moving method of transit. Therefore, using an immersion boiler is better suited for RV trips and the like where you can pause along the road and prepare some hot tea while keeping safety in mind.

Cold-brewed tea: Another alternative to the methods listed above comes in the form of cold-brewed tea. It’s really what the label might have you believe: you take a bottle of water, add a tea pack to it, shake for a couple of seconds and the drink is done. This way of enjoying your tea while traveling is convenient, doesn’t take a lot of space (the only thing you need to be carrying are tea packets) and lets you customize the tea to your liking. A big issue is the water temperature: most people hate the idea of drinking cold tea and it won’t make you feel much better if you have a cold. However, since the packets don’t require boiling water, you can simply use hot tap water in order to enjoy warm tea with minimal hassle which makes this way of preparing tea a favorite among many long-distance travelers and those who are often lacking in luggage space.