Best teas to boost your immune system when sick

There’s no substitute for a strong immune system: with good immunity against diseases and viruses, you’ll enjoy good health even when everyone around you seems to be getting sick.

The ways of boosting your immune system are numerous: from adhering to a healthy diet to taking vitamins to utilizing supplements, there’s plenty of things you can try. However, if you’d like to keep it simple, you can’t go wrong with some immune system-boosting teas – try some of these out the next time you get sick and you might very well find your symptoms going away much quicker than you expected.

Ginseng tea: No matter how you look at it, ginseng tea is a powerful drink: it forms the basis of many practices in traditional Chinese medicine and healers of old would attribute almost mythical properties to it. While ginseng tea might be a bit harder to come by, the extra effort is worth it for those wanting to have superb health. Ginseng tea helps boost the immune system by stimulating the production of white blood cells – anyone who’s ever read anything about medicine or biology knows that these are what keeps the sickness at bay, meaning you might want to stock up on ginseng tea in preparation for the next sickness that comes your way.

Rosehip tea: One would think that the presence of vitamin C in rosehip tea makes it the ideal drink for preventing disease rather than treating it. It just so happens that vitamin C also makes for one of the most effective remedies for colds and other viruses – in fact, many forms of Aspirin are based largely on this all-important vitamin. Whether you choose to utilize it as prevention or treatment, rosehip tea makes for a great-tasting drink that will help you fight off those pesky diseases that would like nothing more than to chain you to your bed.

Dandelion tea: Another less-than-common tea, many gardeners and property owners view dandelion as little more than a pest. In truth, dandelion tea is said to have numerous healing properties that become most apparent when the tea is consumed during sickness: aside from improving various conditions related to the mouth, lungs and stomach, dandelion tea also cleans your body of bacteria and viruses with surprising efficiency which should be enough to make it a staple in the cabinet of everyone who’s prone to contracting the flu.

Chamomile tea: Everyone likes chamomile tea – not only does it taste great, but it also helps calm the nerves and ease a person into sleep no matter how stressful the day has been. Amazingly enough, chamomile’s benefits don’t stop there: the tea is also a great cold and flu remedy since it helps the body create more white blood cells much in the same way that ginseng tea does. In fact, since ginseng tea can sometimes cause sleeping difficulties, drinking chamomile tea alongside it is a great way to counter its negative effects while receiving the full benefits of both. Besides, every bout of good night’s sleep stands to help you recover more than any consumable remedy would – chamomile will help you with this regardless of how restless you’re feeling.