Best teas to boost your immune system when sick

There’s no substitute for a strong immune system: with good immunity against diseases and viruses, you’ll enjoy good health even when everyone around you seems to be getting sick.

The ways of boosting your immune system are numerous: from adhering to a healthy diet to taking vitamins to utilizing supplements, there’s plenty of things you can try. However, if you’d like to keep it simple, you can’t go wrong with some immune system-boosting teas – try some of these out the next time you get sick and you might very well find your symptoms going away much quicker than you expected. Continue reading

How to enjoy tea while traveling

If there’s one thing to hold against tea, it’s that we can’t enjoy it wherever we go – preparing tea takes a bit of time and effort, not to mention that it’s best consumed hot which is a difficult prospect when on the road.

Depending on your method of travel and the resources available to you, here are some ways through which you can enjoy tea while traveling without halting your journey in any way. One of my dearest friends who often travels to San Antonio had some great recommendations… Continue reading

What are the best healthy teas

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest ones: instead of buying a fancy health drink with loads of ingredients you’ve never heard of, how about preparing some tea?

Tea’s benefits are understated far too often: aside from being a great cold remedy and having a nice taste to it, the right type of tea can also help improve your overall well-being and aid with recovery from various illnesses.

Here’s a rundown of some of the best healthy teas out there together with the benefits that they bring to the table. Continue reading